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double down on esophageal cancerDuring the Month of September,
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What can $50,000 buy? 

Increased Awareness that Saves Lives
Just ask Brooke Spaulding.
She's alive today thanks to ECAN and its supporters.

Brooke is a Florida art teacher who first realized that heartburn can cause cancer when she saw Stephen Bogart in a public service message created through ECAN’s partnership with the Estate of Humphrey Bogart.

brooke spaulding, artist, GERD, Barrett's
       Brooke Spaulding

ECAN supporters made it possible for Brooke to see that message as she sat in a darkened theater at the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Key Largo.  Before then, she had never heard of Barrett’s Esophagus or the link between reflux disease and cancer. 

That video motivated Brooke to see her doctor in time to save her life.  That’s how she discovered she had a dangerous form of Barrett’s Esophagus that would likely have led to Esophageal Cancer.  Instead, Brooke received treatment that eliminated her potentially life-threatening condition. 

ECAN is relentless in its efforts to find new ways to amplify that message. In 2015, in addition to the presentations before every film at the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival, ECAN added a new video by popular comedian Jeff Foxworthy, got major media coverage of President Obama's reflux diagnosis tying it to the risk of cancer it can pose, shared the Reflux can cause Cancer message on at least 600,000 Google search pages every month, took the message to six major cities with the (Reflux Disease is) No Laughing Matter comedy campaign, and took awareness to new heights with the rappel off of the Universal City Hilton in Los Angeles on behalf of patients diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer.

In 2016, look for ECAN to fight for warning labels on anti-reflux medication, expand the information and the reach of its highly regarded Guide for Patients, establish a speakers bureau for volunteers to share their stories along with that life-saving message, develop partnerships with professional organizations so that more dentists and other health care providers can play an important role in saving lives.


Advocacy efforts that lead to Important Research 

One of the first fights ECAN ever took on was a push to get Esophageal Cancer included in the ground-breaking cancer genome mapping project of the National Cancer Institute known as The Cancer Genome Atlas or TCGA. 

Adam Bass in lab
            Dr. Adam Bass

Dr. Adam Bass, Co-Chair of the Gastric Project of TCGA explains why that matters:""The TCGA project to characterize the genome of esophageal adenocarcinoma is of profound importance.  In recent years, many of the most successful new therapies for cancer have directly followed better understanding of the critical genetic mutations that are commonly found in specific tumor types. 

In esophageal cancer, however, we have woefully inadequate understanding of the patterns of genomic alterations.  This new project has immense potential to open new areas of biological inquiry into esophageal cancer development and to identify new therapeutic targets for this deadly disease.

I commend ECAN for their tireless advocacy that helped make this project a reality." Major research findings on Esophageal Cancer are expected to be published by TCGA researchers before the year is out.

The majority of cancer research is paid for by the federal government.  That's why ECAN works to make sure EC families have the support to let their senators and representatives know the importance of cancer research as they decide how  much to spend each year. Those funding decisions are the biggest factor in how much Esophageal Cancer research will happen in any given year.  That is why ECAN makes advocacy for federal research dollars a priority.  An organization of our size could never come close to raising the kind of money our advocacy can put into effect.  Just look at TCGA as an example. 

In the coming year, look to ECAN for more advocacy support and training, more planned efforts to get our message heard. With more funding, we could  undertake the complicated work needed to push for specific allocations for Esophageal Cancer research in the federal budget.

Look to ECAN to host a special portal for patients about Clinical Trials. This is important not just to patients, but to the future of research.  After the hard-fought efforts to finally get funding for Esophageal Cancer research, some of those studies have been forced to shut down because they couldn't recruit enough participants.  ECAN wants to do what it can to address that problem and provide patients with the information and support they need to make decision that are best for them. 


The Big Picture

Besides supporting specific efforts, your gift opens the door to the possibility that Esophageal Cancer will have an organized voice with the capacity needed to effectively battle this devastating disease .

ECAN works to provide a network that is speaking up for the needs of patients and those at risk -
and supporting their desires to be heardBut our tiny effort is far from being able to sustain the strong foundation that allows many other diseases to get more public attention, research funding and better survival rates.

Your gift today can take Esophageal Cancer one step closer to having that kind of organization to rely upon in this important fight.

 Please support us before the end of September
Make your contribution go twice as far!
Make important progress possible!

Taking Awareness to New Heights
Stories to Save Lives: ECAN Raises Awareness from 24 Stories Up!
lls Stories of dozens diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer

Melissa and Rachel Stern rappel  brian leedom and family after his rappel Maureen Bergmueller rappels 
Melissa (L) and Rachel Stern
rappel in memory of their father

EC Survivor Brian Leedom and family after 24 story rappel Maureen Bergmueller rappels in honor of her co-chair Rick Garman

43 brave souls went Over the Edge of the roof of the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Hotel and rappelled down 24 Stories on Saturday, May 3rd on behalf of someone who has faced Esophageal Cancer. 

The event raised awareness about the link between reflux disease and Esophageal Cancer and funds to support ECAN's life-saving mission. Event Co-Chairs Rick Garman and Maureen Bergmueller led a fantastic team of volunteers who made the event possible.

Stories to Save Lives In the News:   

LA Times STSL  LA Daily News coverage of STSL 2015
click here for L.A. Times  
click here for L.A. Daily News


Jeff Foxworthy gets Seriously Funny
DC Event full of side-splitting humor while sending the message that
Reflux Disease is No Laughing Matter

Lynne Zink Auctioneer No Laughing Matter Auctioneer Lynne Zink gets the audience engaged and bidding!
Jeff Foxworthy NLM 2015 Jeff Foxworthy delights the crowd with his hilarious brand of comedy

Andy Huggins No Laughing Matter 2015 Comedian Andy Huggins gets the guests warmed up with laughter

More than 400 guests gathered on Sunday evening, April 12th at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia for a night of comedy and fun - all the while raising awareness that Reflux Disease is No Laughing Matter and raising funds to support ECAN's mission.  Auctioneer Lynne Zink led an entertaining and lucrative celebrity auction and Andy Huggins, winner of ECAN's national comedy competition kept the audience in stitches as the lead-up to Mr. Foxworthy's hilarious show.

Check out this fantastic take on the evening from our friends at Comcast:

screenshot of Jeff Foxworthy event video from Comcast


We are keeping the campaign to raise awareness alive
Here is a way for you to play your part

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It's all part of ECAN's bold, new campaign to drive home the
life-saving message that

Reflux Disease is No Laughing Matter!

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